Walk- or Jump-a-Thon

Ask parents and friends to pledge an amount (possibly $1) for every mile or minute you walk or jump rope – and donate your earnings.

Bake Sale

Ask each member of the class to bring a dozen homemade cupcakes, and sell them during the lunch break and after school to students in other grades. Twenty-five cents each would be a wonderful contribution.

Change Drive

Place specially decorated jars in the lobby, cafeteria and other common areas of your school and ask classmates, teachers and parents to drop their loose change into the jars as they pass by. Put up posters to promote the event, and celebrate your success by presenting the change, as a class, at the annual Bed & Bread Club Radiothon.

Used Book Sale

Bring books from home that your family no longer reads — or collect them from your neighbors — and sell them for dimes or quarters at an event during the lunch period or after school. Parents may want to come shopping, as well!

Seasonal Flower Sale

Partner with a local nursery to buy seasonal flowers — such as mums in the fall, poinsettias at Christmas and geraniums in the spring — at a discounted price. Take orders from families and friends and resell for enough to make 50 cents to 1 dollar per plant.

School Carnival

Select an afternoon or even a Saturday to host a school carnival in the gymnasium. Create easy games for participants and charge a dime or quarter to play.

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